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Though you’ve successfully removed the tree, you are now left with an ugly tree stump in your yard, which can become an eyesore in your new or established garden.

One of the best ways to remove the stump is to have it ground out. Stump grinding helps prepare the ground for landscaping, including redefining your garden edges, paving and laying turf.

We have the expertise and the right equipment to remove the stump safely and efficiently. Our range of stump grinders can grind out most stumps regardless of shape and size.

Why not excavate?

Earthmoving equipment is heavier, wider and far less manoeuvrable than our specialised stump grinders. Excavators are often restricted by access, their tyres or tracks can tear up your grass and leave marks on or even damage your paving. Additionally using earthmoving equipment can be highly destructive to your existing gardens possibly cracking retaining walls and damaging boundary fences.

Using earthmoving equipment to excavate a tree stump is almost always a far more expensive option and you're often still stuck with the hassle of disposing of any large excavated stumps. Comparing this to the stump grindings we produce, which make fantastic garden mulch, the choice is obvious.

When to excavate?

Excavating stumps is necessary when preparing foundations for buildings. In this situation, it is important to remove all material such as tree stumps and roots that may later decompose and effect the structural stability of the concrete foundations. If you have such a requirement, please contact either a local earth moving contractor or your builder who may know of contractors they can recommend.


Professional and Powerful Equipment

Your stump might be located in the back yard, up some steps, on top of a low retaining wall and next to your pool, and the only access you have is through a single doorway, down a tight pathway at the side of your house. Not a problem!

Despite such a difficult to access area, we can remove the stump with our narrow access stump grinding machines. Our machines are 75cms wide and fit through most house single doorways as well as being able to grind stumps in confined spaces where larger stump grinders simply couldn’t.

We can get up and down most garden steps using our ramps and pride ourselves on causing no damage to your property.

Talk to the experts about your requirements on 0413 596 118, we are always happy to answer all your queries.


We use only the best and most powerful narrow access machines on the market, enabling us to grind your stump efficiently and with ease.

Don’t pay for an inferior service, use a professional with the latest and most powerful tools for a superior job.


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