Stump Grinding

Though you’ve successfully removed the tree, you are now left with an ugly tree stump in your yard, an eyesore in your new or established garden. Stump grinding is the most cost effective method of removing stumps.

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Narrow Access Specialist

Not a problem even if your stump is located in the back yard, up some steps and next to your pool and the only access you have is through a single doorway and down a tight pathway at the side of your house.

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Professional Equipment

We use only the best and most powerful narrow access machines on the market, enabling us to grind your stump efficiently and with ease. Don’t pay for an inferior service, use Marty's Stump Grinding.

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Welcome to Marty's Stump Grinding Services

Marty's Stump Grinding is a family owned business located in Perth, Western Australia that operates across the entire Perth region.

You can rely on us for all your stump grinding needs, including narrow access and confined space services.

We pride ourselves on providing friendly, professional, safe and efficient stump grinding services and our growing client base is a testament to the quality of service we provide our valuable clients.

As trained and experienced professionals, our knowledge and range of modern specialised equipment means we will safely cut your tree stumps and trunks down to the correct height prior to safely grinding your stump down to a depth of 30-40 cm.

Please Note: Some damage to surrounding area is possible and we will take all care but no responsibility for underground services.

Contact us on 0413 596 118 to discuss how we can assist you with our friendly stump grinding service or you can refer a friend.

At Marty’s Stump Grinding, we are the right professionals for your stump grinding works and have the appropriate level of public liability insurance.

Marty’s Stump Grinding offers these services to both residential and commercial clients who in the past have included:

  • home owners
  • lawn mowing contractors
  • fencing contractors
  • landscape gardeners
  • builders / renovators
  • real estate agents
  • landlords
  • strata companies
  • paving contractors
  • stonemasons
  • tree loppers
  • insurance companies
  • and many more

Payment methods available: Credit Card - Cash - Internet Banking

Marty's Stump Grinding Services

Servicing entire Perth Region
Western Australia

Call Marty on
0413 596 118

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