About Marty's Stump Grinding

Marty’s Stump Grinding was established in 2013 by Martin and Liz Selzer, following a desire to specialise in stump grinding.After managing a reputable Jim’s Trees (Hillarys) franchise in tree and stump removal since 2005, the recent specialisation has enabled Marty’s Stump Grinding to become the expert in stump grinding.

As trained and experienced professionals, our knowledge and range of modern specialised equipment means we will safely cut your tree stumps and trunks down to the correct height prior to safely grinding your stump without causing any damage to surrounding property. Our equipment can fit through most house doorways and difficult to access areas including around pools, on retaining walls as well as up and down stairs.

We have built a solid reputation across the industry based on affordability, reliability, workmanship, quality customer service and just as importantly, we clean up our mess. Every job we do demonstrates our professionalism, which is why our existing customers are able to rely on us and confidently recommend our services to others.

You can call us on 0413 596 118 for more information and free quotations. We value our clients and are always happy to assist you.

Why Choose Us

  • We are experienced professionals who care about your property and our reputation
  • We offer free quotes on 0413 596 118 (estimates via the phone with confirmation when on-site; most of our jobs are done straight away with client approval)
  • We use efficient powerful machines which can grind stumps of all shapes and sizes
  • We are narrow access specialists (>75cm = can go through doorways)
  • Stumps ground down to a depth of 30-40 cm
  • We can go up and down garden stairs using our ramps
  • We always leave the site tidy (stump grindings raked into a neat pile, usable as mulch)
  • We are experienced (Gov’t OHS White Card and Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) competent) and managed a successful Jim's Trees franchise for 8 years
  • We have worked with all industry sectors including government
  • We are fully insured
  • We do emergency call-outs
  • We highly value our clients and are always happy to assist you.

Payment methods available: Credit Card - Cash - Internet Banking

Marty's Stump Grinding Services

Servicing entire Perth Region
Western Australia

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